Membership Costs

As with any organization, there are costs to maintain and improve the experience for each new member.  The financial obligations of each member enable Beta Theta Pi as a General Fraternity to exist, the Gamma Beta Chapter to have a chapter house, and offer benefits to undergraduate and alumni members in Utah and across the country.


One-Time Fees


Pledge Fee: $129.00


Initiation Fee: $251.00



Membership Dues/Insurance


GF Dues: $135.00 ($67.50 per period)


Heritage: $18.00 ($9.00 per period)


Insurance: $120.00 ($60 per period)


Parlor Fees (non-resident): $70 ($35 per period)


Rent (residents of the chapter house): $250/month



What is the Pledge Fee?

The pledge fee is a one-time charge assessed upon pledging the Fraternity. This covers the cost of the pledge manual (Son of the Stars), song book, CD and risk management resources.


What is the Initiation Fee?

The initiation fee is a one-time charge assessed upon initiation into the Fraternity. This covers the cost of the membership shingle, badge and lifetime subscription to The Beta Theta Pi magazine.


What are General Fraternity dues?

General Fraternity dues are assessed to every undergraduate member to fund education resources, administrative support and the day-to-day operation of the General Fraternity.


What is the Heritage Fee?

The Heritage Fund was established for the maintenance and care of the Administrative Office (Brennan Hall) and grounds built in Oxford, Ohio, in 1994. The $3.1 million facility was paid for through the generosity of alumni contributions.


What is the Insurance Fee?

Beta Theta Pi maintains a Fraternity-wide liability insurance policy with superior legal coverage and risk management support. The Fraternity's annual insurance fee is one of the lowest in the industry.


What are Parlor Fees?

All members of the Gamma Beta chapter have access to the chapter house.  Because all members have access to the house, and thus its utilities, parlor fees are collected and used to help pay utility bills, insurance, and overall maintenance and upkeep of the house.


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