Legacy Member Consideration

There are few bonds as strong as those that family share.  Whether you are the grandfather, father, uncle, or other relative of a potential new member, sharing the bonds of brotherhood that Beta Theta Pi provides can only strengthen your relationship and enhance the experience of your new member relative.


While we firmly believe that Beta Theta Pi provides the best fraternal experience, helping to create men of principle for a principled life, it is not for everyone.  If you have a potential new member in your family that you would like to become a member of Beta Theta Pi, please keep the following in mind and try to help us determine if Beta is truly the best fit for your legacy.


    • Has your potential new member expressed an interest in joining a fraternity?

    • If yes, have they expressed serious interest in joining Beta?

    • Has the potential new member expressed serious interest in other fraternity organizations?

    • Does your potential new member meet the requirements for membership?



Legacy members will be given special consideration during both informal and formal rush processes.  However, if the potential new member does not express serious interest in joining Beta Theta Pi, or does not meet the membership requirements, they will not be given a bid just to maintain the legacy tradition.  After discussing some of the previously mentioned topics with your potential new member can prevent stress, confusion, and disappointment for everyone involved.  If you are confident that they are serious about joining Beta Theta Pi, there are some things you can do to help the process.


    • Introduce your legacy potential new member to us. Whether it is by phone, email, or in person, a personal

      introduction can go a long way in the recruitment process.

    • If you have additional family members who were Betas, encourage them to join us during the rush process. Seeing

      multiple family members who still care enough to show up to rush events helps strengthen the decision to go Beta.

    • STAY INVOLVED. While your legacy potential new member may seem enthusiastic about the idea of joining Beta

      at first, the last thing anyone wants is for them to join out of a sense of familial obligation or pressure.  The rush

      process is extremely fast, and having you intimately involved will help to identify if they are having second

      thoughts, but has the added benefit of building a stronger foundation for your new member to build on.



If you have any questions or concerns about the rush process, or would like to introduce us to your legacy member, please feel free to contact the recruitment committee by emailing

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