Beta Theta Pi, often referred to simply as “Beta,” is a men's college fraternity dedicated to building men of principle for a principled life.  Our brotherhood aids the individual, builds the Fraternity, and strengthens host academic institutions through lifelong devotion to intellectual excellence, high standards of moral conduct and responsible citizens.


Making the decision to join Beta Theta Pi will permanently change your life in a positive way in part by providing a lifetime of loyal friends and bonds of brotherhood.


All members share the common belief in mutual assistance in the honorable labors and aspirations of life, devotion to the cultivation of the intellect, unsullied friendship and unfaultering fidelity. These lasting bonds of friendship are cultivated by being a part of a group of individuals who share the same goals and values, constantly supporting each other in the pursuit of social, moral and cultural excellence.


Lifelong Friendship

Bonded by oath and ritual, Betas form lifelong bonds of trust, friendship, and brotherhood, which are the foundation of the Fraternity’s mission.


Cultivation of the Intellect

Beta membership encourages individual and chapter support of the academic mission and provides opportunities for co-curricular learning and personal growth


Responsible Leadership

Betas participate in a system of self-governance, bound by trust and responsibility, which nurturers the development of social and leadership skills.


Responsible Social Conduct

Beta Theta Pi is committed to standards of social conduct which are guided by principles of urbane, civil, courteous and responsible deportment.


Commitment to Community

The experience of being a Beta encourages men to serve their university, fraternal, and local communities.



Men of Principle Initiative




Since 1998, Beta Theta Pi has been undergoing a revolutionary transformation — back to where it began.


With the Men of Principle initiative, Beta Theta Pi gives a new voice to the enduring values of our Fraternity. We offer a membership experience that is unique — calling on men to become leaders and giving them the tools they need to do so.


In 1879, Beta Theta Pi was the first college fraternity to publish its constitution. Today, while we continue to guard certain secrets reserved for our members, we invite the widest knowledge of our objects and aspirations.


Article 1 Name and Objects: Section 2.


"It shall be constituted as hereinafter provided and shall have for its objects the promotion of the moral and social culture of its members, the establishment of confidence and friendly relations among the universities and colleges of the United States and Canada, in securing unity of action and sympathy in matters of common interest among them, and the building up of a fraternity that recognizes mutual assistance in the honorable labors and aspirations of life, devotion to the cultivation of the intellect, unsullied friendship and unfaltering fidelity, as objects worthy of the highest aim and purpose of associated effort."


Our Mission

To develop men of principle for a principled life.


Our Vision

Every member will live Beta Theta Pi’s values.


Core Values

To build lasting bonds of friendship and brotherhood the Beta ritual calls for:


Mutual Assistance – Betas believe that men are mutually obligated to serve others in the honorable labors and aspirations of life.


Intellectual Growth – Betas are devoted to high standards of academic achievement and continually cultivating their minds.


Trust - Betas develop absolute faith and confidence in one another by being true to themselves and others.


Responsible Conduct - Betas choose to act responsibly, weighing the consequences of their actions on those around them.


Integrity - Betas preserve their character by doing what is morally right and demanding the same from their brothers.




Founded:                                                  August 8, 1839

Alpha Chapter:                                         Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Collegiate Members                                 5,853

New Members                                          431

Alumni Members                                      125,073

Initiated Betas:                                         183,769

Living Betas:                                            129,842

Chapters:                                                 123 in the U.S. and Canada

Colonies                                                   19

Avg. Chapter Size                                    51.09

Avg. GPA                                                  3.12

Expansions/Recolonizations:                   4 per year

Advisors:                                                  6.93 per chapter

Convention:                                              Annual

Beta Theta Pi Fraternity

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